Earn money online through blogs-what is blog, blogging and how to earn from blogs

A blog is a personal online diary or informational or discussion site on internet for sharing ideas and thoughts of a person and blogging is the online act of posting content on a blog.

Most of the blogs are interactive where users are allowed to leave comments. People create blogs for different purposes such as for providing comments on a particular topic or subject, for their online personal diaries, for brand advertising of a company or individual, for providing vital information for helping others on any useful domain of life etc..

Today blogging is one of the best way of earning money online. At present, different people all over the globe are keen to create their own blog either for sharing their ideas or for making money but as a starter such people are often confused how to start blogging. For the sake of such people a step by step procedure necessary is given below:

Step 1. Find a good domain name for your blog.

Step 2. Search a good hosting company.

Search for a good web hosting company which is cheap, reliable and provides you all the sufficient space and other resources according to your needs.

Step 3. Select location for blog

Select location for your blog(folder or subfolder) and then setup wordpress at that location.

Step 4. Select blog theme

Select a theme for your blog and then select appropriate plugins.

Step 5. Create your blog posts and blog pages.

Step 6. Writing high quality contents for blogs

Start writing high quality contents for your blog posts and pages with attractive headlines for your articles containing useful keywords at the start.

Step 7. Update your pages and posts

Regularly update your pages and posts. Approve only those comments of users which are useful for other visitors searching for any vital tips or information from your blog.

Step 8. Secure your blogs from possible attacks or hacks.

Step 9. Monetize your blogs.

Monetize your site by placing Adsense ad codes at right places in your blog(either embed it between your content or place it at left or right bar or at header or footer according to adsense guidelines.)

When your blog is ready you can use Adsense or affiliate programs to earn cash through it. In the present time blogging is very popular because in addition to other qualities it as a very powerful marketing tool and helps in making money for every type of industry. Regularly update your blog with unique and quality content optimized for those keywords which you are keen to ranking for. If you will do all this well then with regular hard work and right SEO techniques followed by you your page or post definitely gets high SERP for your desired keywords. You can also submit your blog at blog submission sites. Blogging is very powerful practice for generating very high visitors traffic for your posts and pages about any particular niche or other important domain of life. So you can start your blogging today on the topic of your interest and provide vital information to interested people or share your idea globally along with earning through it.