If you are searching for lost relative online, you can do it free with many free people finder online services but oftenly you do not get the expected results.

Find relatives with free web search is tedious and time consuming process. Most of the sites that claims to provide free search for desirous lost relative are often want something from you. Actually such type of sites survives on ads or donations. Most of such sites are not updated because a good amount of money is required to update the databases for people and in most cases these sites not maintains sustainable funds because visitors are not obliged to pay for using such sites. Also a site that claims to be "free" may not be able to provide you with accurate results. Also there are some countries such as Australia which do not allow people to obtain private information even if the person is your own relative due to strict laws of the country pertaining to people search. So it is senseless to expect desirous results from these free sites.

Keen desire to be reunite with them, issues such as inheritance, finding connections between other relatives etc are some of the major reasons for the people to search for their lost relatives.

If you want to save your precious time and energy to search for lost relatives the best alternative is to use paid sites, which provide more accurate results.